1. a person who has a comprehensive and authoritative knowledge of or skill in a particular area.
"a financial expert" ·
specialist · authority · pundit · oracle · resource person · adept ·
1. having or involving authoritative knowledge..~

Authoritative knowledge!! I couldn’t have defined it better myself. And who doesn’t want to have authoritative knowledge? Especially when it comes to making decisions for your family that last years and years. That is exactly the kind of expert we hope you come out of this experience with. Look, I will put it this way. If every single home buyer and seller decides today that they will only work with an agent no more for sale by owner period, I will still have a job. My company will still have enough business for us all to live comfortably because no matter what, houses have to be inspected and houses have to be marketed and those are the two business concepts we started from. That’s what makes us different. We want there to be more experts in the world and a few less bullies. You know the bullies. The “You will never see another deal this great, no one will ever offer you that much again” bullies or more commonly known today as the experts!
We aim to provide you with knowledge about all the real estate buying/selling processes from start to finish, pricing that is realistic for the market but doesn’t sell you short on what you should make on your home, helpful DIY tips and tricks to help sell your home faster and for more profit in your pocket, as well as a list of improvements that aren’t making you any more money in the end. We want you to know what to expect when you sit down at a closing and what the documents you will be signing really mean to you. These are just a few examples of information you will learn to help you navigate your way through one of your most exciting, stressful, nerve-raking, and proud milestones you will have in your life. Buying or selling your home.

Times are changing, and there are more ways that doing it yourself has become accessible, cost effective, and efficient in accomplishing what you want. Our company runs on the belief that the power should be put back into the hands of the buyer/seller. Our staging and photography experts offer extremely competitive pricing for some of the best photos and design that will be jumping through the screen and screaming “pick me pick me, I’m your next home!!”
Our inspection team Is staffed by InterNACHI certified and backed home inspectors. What does that mean for you? Well, here is a fun fact I am willing to bet your agent hasn’t told you. In Colorado there is absolutely no license required to be a home inspector. Yep, you read that right. The person responsible for killing a big sale or missing that huge detail has absolutely no one holding them accountable for their work. InterNACHI, or the international association of home inspectors provides their members with a certification that requires extensive classroom education as well as continuing education requirements every 3 years. They also provide their inspectors with 100% buy back guarantee that says if something was missed during the inspection, they will buy your home back no questions asked. We take that service one step further. When our buyers commit to working with us, they get more of us than they probably ever knew they wanted. For example, you put your dream house under contract, but the inspection turns up some issues that the seller isn’t willing to fix, and it cancels the deal. Traditionally if you find another home and want it inspected as well, say goodbye to another $400 bucks. Not with us! Go find your dream home! And if the next one doesn’t work out find another one! Our inspector will be there for you till the keys are in your hands, at no additional cost.   Oh, yea about the keys…we hire a handyman to come and make sure all locks are changed light bulbs are working mini blinds are intact and any nail holes are patched and painted, so that you walk into your new home not wondering what in the world these people hung from that wall to leave that stain or anything to that effect. We want you to feel so confident in your decision that authoritative expert is the only way you wish to be addressed in the future.
The best way to do that is to be knowledgeable in all aspects of the process. We work on your team, not for the real estate companies and the agents. We believe that you are the best player on your team, we will be both your coach and your biggest fan.

Our goal will be to empower our clients with basic level knowledge in as many aspects of home buying/selling as we can, including understanding:
-How having professional staging and photography of your home when trying to sell is worth having and makes a difference in how fast and how much your home will sell. We will show you real life stats, numbers and examples of how homes with and without compare at the bottom line. Along with providing these services to you, we will give you the hints to DIY home improvements that won’t cost an arm and a leg but will add curb appeal and actual dollar bills into your pockets.
--Helpful “Do’s and Don’ts” for preparing your house to sell that you may have never known or given thought to but make a huge difference in selling your home.
--You will be given the option to join your inspector for the inspection so they can show you what it is your will be signing that huge contract for anyways :they will provide a thorough inspection and you will be walked through the inspection report at the end entirely so you are aware and knowledgeable about what needs to be fixed or can be lived with or stipulated in a contract just walked away from entirely.
-With our “Ala Carte” Services you are in control of how much or how little you need and want to pay for, instead of being stuck in a fixed commission rate, whether or not you feel like you’re getting what you’re paying for. With the options of single services or premium packages or your own personalized package, you are in control of only paying for what you are wanting, keeping your hard-earned bucks where they should be, in your wallet.
-Although some may choose to just need our inspection and photograph services and then do their own marketing and advertising, there are some of you that may not have the time or patience for the techy-social media world we live in but can’t deny the upper hand and success it brings to getting to your goal. We will handle it for you, networking and reaching out not only through “pounding the pavement” locally but also with social media and reaching out to further prospective buyers/sellers, investors, flippers, renters, vacationers to advertise your home for sale, or rental, or possibly air-bnb, or to find the home that fits your buying needs. We will make sure we keep things fresh, updated, and help filter through leads for the ones that are serious and fitting to YOU. Once again, we want you to be empowered with the knowledge and decisions, so you won’t be left in the dark wondering… “What’s going on?”, “Am I being forgotten about?”, “Why can’t I find my home ad? I was told it would be running…” With Us, your kept in the loop and we bring you the results and connect you to make final decisions.
--Now, it’s safe to assume that many of you out there are reading real estate contract digest every free moment you get or listening to live broadcasts about market conditions and what to look out for these days in your car on your way to drop the kids off at school. In fact, most of us dread thinking about all that legal mumbo -jumbo that may as well be written in Russian so much that you don’t think about what its possibly costing you end. We want to take the fear and dread away and replace it with confidence and knowledge, because the reality of what we fear is not knowing. Not knowing what to expect, not knowing how it works, not knowing what it really means or if its what you were told it would be. That leads into worrying that you might miss something crucial and it could be a huge mistake you may pay dearly for making… but working with us your experience doesn’t have to be that way. After all authoritative knowledge doesn’t just happen overnight. We provide a “crash course” into preparing you. Showing sample contracts of what you will see, going over it in a “mock closing” of sorts. Explaining what each breakdown of the contract means, what to look for, what you can ask for, etc. Just enough background and information so that you can walk into a closing or contract feeling empowered and calm and confident.

The Value We Hope You See in Us
We hope that by choosing to work with us that you’re really choosing to work for yourself because at the end of your experience, you didn’t just find a house you found your home…. Or maybe at the end of your experience you slapped a SOLD sign on your home, quickly and economically, and now you’re counting all the extra money you saved. Now we won’t tell you that our services for home inspection or real estate photographs or marketing aren’t offered by others in the industry. What we will tell you though is that we guarantee to inspire you with our dedication and customer service driven attitude toward our buyers and sellers to not only provide these professional services but to take you along with us and give you skills and knowledge that are honest and can be applied with confidence for years in the future. Remember, we still would have jobs doing things the old fashion way. its not for lack of business that we started this company. Its for lack of community accountability and honesty. Its an attempt to give back meaning to the good old fashion handshake. And in the future because of your experience with us and what we do you come back or send your relatives or children or friends to work with us knowing we WILL work as hard for them as we ever did with you. So, I encourage you to take a different approach, and take a closer look into who you want the expert to be while buying or selling your next home.