The Inter-national Association of Home Inspectors defines a residential inspection as a non-invasive,
visual examination of the accessible areas of a
residential property (as delineated below), performed for a fee, which is designed to identify defects within specific systems and components defined by these Standards that are both observed and deemed material by the inspector. The scope of work may be modified by the Client and Inspector prior to the inspection process.
I. The general home inspection is based on the
observations made on the date of the inspection,
and not a prediction of future conditions.
II. The general home inspection will not reveal
every issue that exists or ever could exist, but
only those material defects observed on the date
of the inspection.

In other words, home inspectors don't have special powers that allow them to see through walls.  They are not plumbers, electricians or contractors.  Internachi certified professional inspectors are very well trained , detail oriented, general observationists.  They know what to look for in your plumbing system.  They know which cracks in the basement may lead to problems down the road and which ones are typical of a 20 year old home.  They will climb in places of a home most wouldn't even open for fear of creeper crawlers or a steep slope of a roof.  It is because of the nature of a home inspection and the idea that the findings are only valid for the day of the inspection that we encourage our clients to come along for the ride.

  Ask questions.  Light switches that have driven you crazy for years? Let us help put a stop to that madness for good.  Drain system functioning poorly? By all means come get a peak at the screen while we take detailed photos of roots and slipped joints that could be causing your issues.  We invite you to want to become the expert of your home.  After all who else will ever care as much as you do about the resistance setting on a garage door in your home.  So who better to tag along for any of the many services provided by Ampro but YOU!

Or.... if you choose to just hang back and wait for the detailed report we provide you with at the end.  That's also fine by us.  We will go over any failures and defects we find in detail and if we can offer you support in any way in correcting the issue, rest assured we will be happy to walk you through necessary steps.  We will also be sure to let  you in on all the successes we find in your home so that you know when the day comes to put that sign in the yard, you can be confident that the knowledge our team provided you with was accurate and fair and you now have an idea of what to say to potential buyers to create value that sometimes you wouldn't have ever thought would help. 

 OK so that's a home inspection in a nutshell but who am I and what do I do exactly.  Well my name is Tara and i will be inspecting your home.  In addition to being an Inter-nachi certified professional inspector, I also carry certifications in radon inspection, mold inspection, meth house inspection, and sewer line inspections.  I also work with a team of professionals who have superior knowledge and experience in the inspection industry as well as professional relationships with the contractors, electricians, and plumbers who you may need to call on for additional investigations into areas in your home.  So long story short WE GOT YOU COVERED. I may not know the answer to some things.  In a town like pueblo with the age of some of the homes  I am bound to come across all sorts of strange methods for structuring a home that are sometimes easy to figure out, and sometimes require a pool of experience to come together to help you find solutions.  And ever so often there will be that one thing that leaves everyone involved scratching their hear.  " So you mean they dropped a claw-foot tub into the floor and then cemented it in to make it look like a normal everyday tub? Why would someone do that?"  It's questions like these that we we will likely never have an answer to but we will make sure to tap every resource we have before deciding its one of those things.




I was trained by InterNACHI—the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (www.NACHI.org)—which is the world's largest nonprofit association of residential and commercial property inspectors, and provides education, training, certification, benefits and support for its members. All InterNACHI-Certified Professional Inspectors® are required to pass an Inspector Exam, follow a comprehensive Standards of Practice, abide by a strict Code of Ethics, and take accredited Continuing Education courses each year in order to maintain their membership in good standing.

I have acquired extensive home inspector training through InterNACHI’s rigorous Continuing Education curriculum, which includes dozens of live classroom, online, and video training courses, written by experts in their field, which have received more than 1,400 accreditation by state and governmental agencies throughout North America.

In order to become certified, I was required to take inspection courses related to the interior and exterior of the home, including the common and major areas of concern for home buyers, such as the foundation, heating and cooling, roof, plumbing, and electrical systems.  

The State of Colorado does not require licensing of home inspectors; however, the certifications and Continuing Education required by InterNACHI are more than adequate training for the certified inspector so that he can provide sufficient and accurate information regarding a home’s condition.

As for the inspection it self if you decide to join along with me.   First things first.  I need you to be very careful.  Please know that your usual pathways you walk in your home may have open drains, or ladders going up on the tip top of your home, and that if not paying attention the likely hood of you getting hurt is extremely high.  I ask that all pets be on a doggie date or safe in a designated room so they don"t get into anything while I'm going through the home that could hurt them.    I open drains, vents, furnaces and cabinets.  I will set off smoke detectors and test GIF circuitry.  I will be running from your garage door to the switch and back several time.  I talk to myself....a lot.  I will take my time and leave you with a report that leaves no stones un-turned.  If you are doing a pre- listing inspection I will set you up with a free consultation with our real estate photographer and staging team so that your home is ready to be the showstopper on any internet listing you are placed on.  And if you are buying a home and are stuck between two places that are just such a close call you want a bit of outside perspective.  I will do a visual examination of both homes and hopefully provide you with that missing puzzle piece that you needed to choose whats right for your family.  


OK so the last thing I have for you is the most important part.  Because it affects everyone no matter what part of town your are in.  No matter how good or bad the neighborhood is.  The last three Items I'm leaving you with today are Radon, Meth, and Mold.  Now mold is the easy one we all know what happens when moisture has a warm place to call home for too long.  But did you know that in Colorado mold is the item out of the three I would forgo if i had to choose.  Attached you will find some very current and very close to home stories about people just like yourself who couldn't wait to move into their dream home only to never step foot inside due to the levels of dangerous bi product produced in the manufacturing of meth.  The police estimate for every one meth lab they dismantle ten more are left undiscovered and eventually sold to unsuspecting families with levels of the substance in every fiber of the home sufficient enough to cause a three year old to show symptoms of a moderate to heavy adult user.  Children have a drastically increased chance of coming into contact with highly saturated surfaces such as carpet and due to their constant hand to mouth contact their exposure is far greater than adults.  Lastly, Radon.  Radon is the number one cause of lung cancer in those who do not smoke attributing to 20,000 deaths a year.  And worst of all there isn't a whole lot you can do to prevent it once the home is already built without a complete overhaul system to try and keep the dangerous gas from entering your home.  So given the  major risk factors involved doesn't it just make since to not be left guessing.  A few extra minutes of your time and a fraction of the cost to fix these problems once you have moved in is all it will take to sleep better every night in your new home.  By the way , the average cost to clean up a meth lab to restore the home to a livable environment again is $25000, and radon mitigation systems come in a close second at $20,000.   The hardest thing to swallow about all of this isn't the danger they pose or the cost of cleanup.   The hardest part of hearing stories like the ones I have included here is that it could have been avoided.  It's the old DUI mentality.  If you were to ask anyone outright what makes more sense a $50 cab ride or a $10,000 fine and losing your job? No one would choose the fine yet every day thousands of DUI arrests are made.  Its avoidable and completely possible to restore our communities and neighborhoods to the standard that everyone deserves where everyone is safe in their home.  Ampro offers prices that are some of the most competitive in the industry and you will have no doubt left when we are through that your family can sleep safe and sound in that brand new home sweet home!